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Androgynous Boys are Dangerous

A boy and a girl walk side-by-side. The girl ever-giggling, she knows not the truth that lies within her odd companion.

Seemingly the sweetest of lovers, the two are not in perfect harmony. The boy hides a darkness; an inner secret. He does not portray the masculinity of a normal male his age. He finds comfort in the fanciful and feminine. The girl passes this off as his being "special," and not as any real sign of immasculinity. The boy is lying to her; he does not feel any more attraction to her than he does a slab of marble. In truth, he only stays with the girl in a vain attempt to convince himself that he is not what he knows he is.

One day, the girl walks in on the boy during a private moment. In that single second, she discovers the secret that he has worked so hard to keep from her. Stunned beyond reckoning, she runs as fast as her light feet will take her. The boy is not upset, but determined. He gives chase, moving with great speed.

As the girl reaches her car, she fumbles for her keys. Before she can get inside, the boy is standing beside her. With an iron grip, the boy clamps his hand around the girl's neck. "I can't have you telling people my secret," he states with a steely voice.

As the girl's throat reaches its breaking point, a shot rings out from a nearby car. The scattered lead of a shotgun blast slams into the boy's side, and his grip is released. Before the girl can catch her breath once more, a young man pulls her into the car he exited a moment before. She notices the shotgun at his side, and realizes that he is the one who gunned down her former beloved. She begins to open the car door to leave--for she is not a prisoner--but stops when she sees her boy stand up once more. She had hoped beyond all sense that what she had seen was not the truth, but here it stood before her, a testament to her foolish affections:
Her boyfriend was a robot.

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Diana said...

neato! i was surpised and convinced i knew what his "secret" was after you mentioned he wasn't attracted to her. the end totally threw me a curveball. very clever describing his voice as "steely" before you even know he's a robot. i dunno about the words "private moment" though. it kind of got uncomfortable. anyway it is a very strong piece. well done and i'd like to read more!

Kendra Logan said...

Wow! Totally surprise ending! I really liked how it was short, but kept me completely intrigued. It would make a great short story for a magazine or something. Another favorite for me!