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The Metal and its Master

Wrought of steel and bathed in red, it gleams ever-bright.
Through the cloth and chain it strikes, dealing death to those that would bring it.
Though the darkness awaits at battle's front, the blade moves ever-forward, fearing not the flames of hell.

Not merely a weapon, but a symbol, all its master's will and strength focused into a single edge. Every emotion and thought metal-wrought, the blade strikes at its master's bidding. Those who fear for themselves shall not find not victory. Only at death's red embrace does the world become clear to those that spent their lives in vain pursuits.

Only a selfless heart shall master the blade, for only one without pride may stand without fear.
Standing against the onslaught, the Master fights not out of pride for himself, but passion for others. A wise master knows that the struggle is not glorious, but terrible. The lies of glory are clear, yet he fights on.

Death may come, and the light may fade. The path may end here, in the crimson field. Unspoken truths may silently lie, and those for whom the Master fights may never know his mind. Tragic though it seems, the path has been chosen. The Master's tale may forever lay unspoken, screaming silently.

Death may be yet defeated again, though he must still take others. In the blade's wake, those who fight against the righteous have forfeited their lives. Though the Master strives on, he tires of the battle, quietly waiting for the dawn of hope. The hour may come when the prize is won, and peace of the heart is found. Dim though the light seems, the Master cannot divert. He walks on, weary of body and will, holding on nonetheless. Patient and strong of heart, he must believe that one day his strives will not stay silent, and his seven years of battle will end.


Captain Kazam! said...

Without a doubt, some of the best writing I've seen in a while. Seriously, you need to get this published. Every time you post something, I'm stunned. You've truly become my role model in this art.
Now go finish your book. We've already been waiting too long.

May the pencil be with you, Blog Master Aaron.

Anonymous said...

this was really good.
I mean obviously you're Aaron it's going to be good :)
It has definite direction and it seems to be consistently filled with the passion and doesn't lose its focus. You are still such a writer ha. Continue on in the course of you're skills that have become a definition of who you are: The Pen and its Poet haha :]